Crucial New Service Offered to the Legal Field...

LegalTran Transcription Services, Inc. launches a totally new way to transcribe legal proceedings, answering the call of a changing industry.

Los Angeles, CA.,  March 23, 2017 – As the legal industry continues to get more comfortable with greater reliance on sophisticated digital recording systems, the need for accurate transcription services with a better understanding of legal formats, terminology, and procedures has become crucial.

Enter LegalTran Transcription Services, founded by Ellen Leifer, a court reporter who has specialized in deposition work for over 35 years, and her son, Robert Leifer, a court reporter with five years of experience in legal transcription services.  They recognize that the way in which a legal record is currently produced is changing right before our eyes, yet quality and fast turnaround time, hallmarks of the legal industry, must be maintained.

LegalTran is the very first transcription firm in the country to meet this need by utilizing trained stenographic court reporters exclusively to transcribe the audio files they receive.  LegalTran calls their staff of legal reporter-transcribers “legal transporters™.”  While the vast majority of transcription companies are outsourcing their transcription needs to untrained typists and people overseas, LegalTran believes that the integrity of a legal record is more important than that.

By Using Stenographic Court Reporters to produce transcripts from audio files, LegalTran claims that the benefits are exponential. Here’s why:

Quality:  Stenographic writers are trained to be more accurate than typists.  Even the best typist, while trained to type fast, is not trained to pick up all the nuances of a legal proceeding.  Trained stenographic writers will make sure that a verbatim record is truly verbatim, picking up every false start and legal term.

Speed:  A stenographic writer can write 2-3x faster than even the fastest typist, up to 225 words per minute and beyond.  The benefits of this are obvious:  Faster turnaround time and, in addition, the ability to transcribe in real time, enables LegalTran to deliver daily transcripts.

Knowledge:  A trained stenographic writer has gone through years of training to become a court reporter.  In addition to learning the skill of machine shorthand, stenographic writers are also trained to produce a legal transcript.  A typist simply does not possess this knowledge.  Having a real court reporter producing the transcript ensures that format specifications are adhered to, meeting even the most stringent client guidelines.

LegalTran has a network of experienced court reporter-transcribers (legal transporters™) who are experienced in producing transcripts of criminal, civil, and family court proceedings.  They also offer remote court reporter-transcribers that can provide daily or expedited delivery if you require it.  LegalTran partners with courts throughout the country, supplying transcripts to judges, attorneys, and litigants where and when they require them.

LegalTran is located in West Los Angeles, CA.  The company is being funded by a group of private investors who are confident that this emerging company will be a dominant player within the legal field in less than a year.