Do you know the real reason that courts are replacing legal stenographers with electronic recording equipment?

You might think that technology has finally become advanced enough to take the place of a human court reporter, capable of producing an accurate transcript. Quite contraire. Legal court reporters are still the preferred method for creating a legal record. It’s not even a close call. Advancing technology is NOT the reason that court reporters are being replaced. The real reason is due to a nationwide shortage of skilled reporters and a notable decrease in accredited institutions that teach the art of machine shorthand. Electronic recording technology is becoming more accepted out of necessity. Unfortunately, the casualty of this rapidly changing industry is the integrity of the record.

The problem is, as courts across the country are switching to ER, the weak link in the process is how the cases are being transcribed. Legal transcripts that are made from court recordings are typically riddled with errors. They have proven to be insufficient and inconsistent because transcripts are being produced by untrained typists, who are not familiar with legal terminology and processes.

LegalTran is aiming to fix these issues by employing trained court reporters to produce the legal record. There is a reason why court reporters train for years before they’re allowed to take a deposition or step foot into a courtroom. It’s time to bring the industry back to the people who are properly trained to do the work in the first place. That time is now. LegalTran Transcription Services is doing just that every day, one transcript at a time.