Why LegalTran?

Benefits to Using a Stenographic Court Reporter

Quality: Stenographic writers are trained to be more accurate than typists. Even the best typist, while trained to type fast, is not trained to pick up all the nuances of a legal proceeding. Trained stenographic writers will make sure that a verbatim record is truly verbatim, picking up every false start and legal term.

Speed: A stenographic writer can write 2-3x faster than even the fastest typist, up to 225 words per minute and beyond. The benefits of this are obvious: Faster turnaround time and, in addition, the ability to transcribe in real time, enabling us to deliver daily transcripts.

Knowledge: A trained stenographic writer has gone through years of training to become a court reporter. In addition to learning the skill of machine shorthand, stenographic writers are also trained to produce a legal transcript. A typist simply does not possess this knowledge. Having a real court reporter producing your transcript ensures that your format specifications will be met to your complete satisfaction.

Whom Do We Service?

Our core market consists of courts around the country that have installed sophisticated digital recording systems and are using electronic recording (ER) as a replacement or as a supplement to live court reporters. In addition, we service established transcription companies who are looking to add a stenographic network to their firm as well as law firms who, like the courts, are utilizing digital recording systems for their depositions. We can also transcribe audio files taken during hearings, conferences, and meetings. If you’ve recorded it, we can transcribe it!