LegalTran Transcription Services has one centralized office for scheduling, accounting, and archiving of transcripts. One office means all your transcription needs can be scheduled through one person and with one phone call. With LegalTran you never have to worry about dealing with multiple offices, multiple personnel, and multiple problems. With LegalTran you are always just a call away from a group of highly trained, knowledgeable professionals whose goal is your satisfaction. At LegalTran we’re raising the bar one transcript at a time.

We archive copies of all transcripts free of charge. These archives are easily accessible at any time. Just contact us if you ever need assistance with an estimate, bill, or transcript issue.

  • One call for accounting
  • One call for copies of transcripts and invoices

Our goal is to make you a satisfied LegalTran client.

Online Scheduling

The quickest, easiest way to schedule a transcription project is to use our online scheduling module. The scheduling module is available to you 24/7. You can also contact our scheduling coordinator during regular business hours, 9 am – 5:30 pm (PST) at 888-827-8726.

Large Case Management

Our support team is always at your service. We provide the experience and professional guidance to help you manage even the largest cases. We help you prepare for all aspects of the case, including document management, a dedicated case manager, and electronic exhibit linking. Put our experience to work for you, and simplify managing your big cases.


LegalTran Transcription Services offers the following delivery options for all your transcription requirements:

  • Standard Delivery – Standard delivery at no extra charge is guaranteed within 10 business days.
  • Expedited Delivery – Transcripts can be delivered on an expedited basis. Cost varies with the speed
    of delivery required. Please inquire with your case manager.
  • Daily Delivery – Transcripts can be delivered in one business day, if required. Ask your case manager for more information.
  • Rough Draft – A rough draft or working copy of the proceedings can be delivered on the same day that the proceedings take place. Please note: This is an unedited, unproofed copy taken right from the reporter’s notes.

Cyber Security

LegalTran takes cyber security, identity protection, and client privacy very seriously.  We follow best-practice system design and utilize in-depth risk assessment processes to ensure that we are properly protecting all sensitive systems and information.  We have routine audits of our security controls and rigorously test and verify that our processes and procedures combine to keep our systems safe from cyber attacks.