Do you know what a Legal Transporter™ is and what they do?

Chances are that you have never heard the term Legal Transporter before – and no, they’re not Uber drivers! That’s because it’s a term we recently came up with to describe our court reporter- transcribers and what they do. LegalTran is the very first transcription firm in the country who utilizes only legal court reporters to transcribe the audio files we receive. We gave our staff of legal reporter-transcribers the moniker “legal transporters™,” and they are raising the bar one transcript at a time. Why is this so important? You see, the vast majority of transcription companies are outsourcing transcripts to untrained typists and people overseas. We believe that the integrity of your record is more important than that. LegalTran is the first transcription services firm in the country to ensure the accuracy of our work by utilizing court reporter-transcribers exclusively. By using only court reporter-transcribers, LegalTran produces more accurate transcripts with shorter turnaround times. Court reporters go to school and must pass rigorous exams to prove that they can produce a legal transcript, void of errors and omissions. Even the fastest typist can’t turn around an accurate transcript in less time. In addition, court reporters are familiar with legal terminology and formats. That’s something a typist does not get exposed to. So if you care about the accuracy of your record, and who doesn’t, why wouldn’t you use the best service available to produce your transcripts? That service is LegalTran Transcription Services, Inc.