Where has LegalTran been, and Where is LegalTran Going?

Before we get to how LegalTran has developed over the last couple of years and how we continue to raise the bar one transcript at a time, we wanted to first take this opportunity to express our concern for all those around the world who have been deeply affected by this global pandemic. We are facing an unprecedented situation, and we hope that everyone is doing all that they can to stay healthy and surround themselves with family and loved ones. As has been said before, we are all in this together!

2019 was LegalTran’s biggest year. We further honed in on our niche and established what truly makes LegalTran the WORLD leader in high-quality legal transcription services. Our business model has not changed: We are THE ONLY transcription company in the world that uses stenographic transcriptionists exclusively to transcribe every minute of every job we receive. We want to take this opportunity to first remind you why we feel this is so important:

1) Stenographic writers are trained to be more accurate than typists. Even the best typist, while trained to type fast, is not trained to pick up all the nuances of a legal proceeding. Trained stenographic writers will make sure that a verbatim record is truly verbatim, picking up every false start and legal term.

2) A stenographic writer can write 2-3x faster than even the fastest typist, up to 225 words per minute and beyond. The benefits of this are obvious: Faster turnaround time and, in addition, the ability to transcribe in real time, enabling us to deliver daily transcripts.

3) A trained stenographic writer has gone through years of training to become a court reporter. In addition to learning the skill of machine shorthand, stenographic writers are also trained to produce a legal transcript. A typist simply does not possess this knowledge. Having a real court reporter producing your transcript ensures that your format specifications will be met to your complete satisfaction.

While LegalTran will transcribe any job under the sun, we have honed in on producing high-quality, expedited-turnaround for legal depositions in particular. The vast majority of our work is now digitally recorded depositions that need to be delivered to our clients very quickly and accurately.

As the shortage of stenographic reporters grows exponentially within the live court reporting industry, LegalTran is extremely fortunate to have not been affected at all by this shortage. In fact, as reporters all over the country are entering into retirement or being replaced by inadequate methods of taking a legal record, LegalTran actually has experienced an influx of stenographic reporters who are highly skilled and capable of producing next-day and even same-day transcripts for our clients.

We asked the following question a few years ago: The legal industry is changing. Are you responding to this crucial shift?

In the wake of the coronavirus, we anticipate the industry to continue to change at a rapid pace. We want to let you know that we are here to transcribe your legal proceedings. If you are a law firm that is currently digitally recording your depositions, whether in person or remotely, and you need an accurate and fast transcript produced by a highly trained stenographic reporter, please contact us right away!

Stay safe, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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