Attention Court Reporters and Aspiring Court Reporters!

Get Paid While You Practice!

Working in Transcription will IMPROVE Your Writing

Being a court reporter can be a lucrative profession.  However, the highest paid reporters are those who provide realtime.  Realtime writers have to be incredibly accurate, as they are often providing a live feed of a proceeding for both attorneys and  judges.  Unfortunately, so many court reporting students get out of school by learning to write sloppy (what we often refer to as “pushing”).  Once they get out in the field, practicing realtime accuracy often takes a backseat to making a living and grinding out pages for reporting agencies.

Working in the transcription industry BEFORE transitioning to live reporting is the answer to this problem.  As with live court reporters, transcriptionists are paid per page; however, since there is no appearance fee and no copy sales, the number of pages one can push out in a day is EVERYTHING!  The more pages one can produce, the more money one can make.  It’s that simple!  It is because of this that stenographic transcriptionists usually find themselves incentivized to work on their realtime so that they can spend a lot less time scoping and proofing.  Many transcriptionists will start utilizing realtime techniques like adding internal punctuation into their individual strokes and using “macros” to correct errors on the fly.   Dictionary building is another HUGE benefit to working in transcription.  Legal terms, proper names, and technical jargon will come up constantly in your day-to-day work.  All of this leads to a higher rate of production and more MONEY!  There are many examples of people who did transcription work for a year before transitioning to live reporting, and many of them were providing realtime within their first year in the field.  That is an incredible feat

So whether you’re a student at the end of a court reporting program or a transitional reporter working on licensing, contact LegalTran today to get more info on becoming a legal transcriptionist!  We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Hi Rob. My name is Deana and I am a CR student in southern California in the 200 speeds. I am recently read your post on Facebook. I am interested in doing transcription work to both increase my speed and accuracy and to make a little money. Please let me know if your firm is looking for students to do any transcription. Thank you for your inspirational post! Deana MacRill

  2. I’ve graduated from court reporting school, passed the English and professional practice portion of the CSR, but have failed to pass the skills portion (7 times). I’m thinking I should check into transcription work. How can I get started? I think I’ve actually met Rob at a couple of DRA or CCRA gatherings.

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